Useful details to know

Services included in the price of the lodgings

  • A bio breakfast delivered right at your door
  • A free and unlimited access to the natural pool
  • Half an hour of archery or blowpipe practice
  • And/or one hour of canoe practice

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Key delivery: you can take possession of your lodging between 4p.m and 7p.m.

You can enjoy the public areas of the site before going to your accommodation (leisure park, restaurant, bar…)
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General Terms and Conditions of Sale

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Please take note of the Following rules before entering Echologia

Dogs and cats

Dogs and cats are now allowed on the leisure park and public areas of the site. Dog owners must keep their animal on a leash and are responsible for their droppings.
However, animals, including dogs and cats, are forbidden in the lodgings and near the natural pool.

Other animals

Due to safety reasons and to preserve the calm and cleanness of the site, pets, other than dogs and cats, are not allowed on the site.

Services included in the price of the lodging