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Initiation Tir à l'arc
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Tir à l'arc Mongol
Tir à l'arc
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Tir à l'arc
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Archery or blowpipe, a real moment of fun to share with your family or friends !

In a breathtaking spot, near the oldest lime kiln looking like medieval fortifications, initiate to those thousand years old activities !

Test your skill and progress quickly, thanks to the various and fun games that Eric, our qualified instructor, will offer you !

If you wish to prolong the adventure (included in the price of your lodging and lasting between half an hour and an hour), Echologia gives you the opportunity to book the activity* !
For more information on the booking of the archery activity, click here. For the booking of the blowpipe activity, click here...

Warning : Minimum age to practice archery: 8 years old.

* Only for reservations directly made on our intern booking center and with some of our partners, either archery/blowpipe OR canoe are included in the price of your stay.